• Helmet sportage grey

    Rp 2.500.000

    An attractive, innnovative design at the cutting edge of style.

  • Door Mat Horse and Welcome

    Rp 406.600

    • Brightly coloured coir mats in a choice of great designs to suit any horse household. • Size 75cm x…

  • Safety Irons

    Rp 563.700

    Most often referred to as Safety Irons, but sometimes also known as "Australian Simplex" Safety Irons.

  • Zilco Fillis Iron & Rubber 4 3/4

    Rp 600.000

    This style of stirrup may also be referred to as a German or Heavy Dressage Iron, or Knife Edge Iron.…

  • Webber Stirup Leather

    Rp 470.000

    Wintec Webbers are a revolutionary stirrup strap made without buckles to reduce the lump under the rider’s thigh and provide…

  • Wintec Pro Stirup Straps

    Rp 1.065.000

    Wintec Pro Stirrup Straps perfectly complement Wintec Equisuede saddles. Your tack, particularly safety related items such as girth points, girth…

  • Polo Bandages Jaffa

    Rp 126.000
  • Gold Crown

    Rp 465.100
  • Halter Heart FS

    Rp 250.000
  • Close contact spurs

    Rp 450.000
  • Fetlock Boot Pro Zilco

    Rp 920.000

    Stylish protection for the hind legs. These boots have 6mm thick neoprene lining and a strong PU outer shell.

  • Tendon Boot Pro Zilco

    Rp 970.000

    Stylish protection for the front legs. These boots have 6mm thick neoprene lining and a strong PU outer shell.

  • Bell Boot

    Rp 155.000

    Often referred to as "overreach" boots. Commonly used in showjumping as they prevent the hind toe from striking the heels…

  • Helmet Oscar Pro

    Rp 1.660.000

    A superbly styled helmet that features:- Removable mesh lining for increased airflow and ease of cleaning Sleek channel design for…

  • Tipperary Body Protector Child

    Rp 2.595.000

    Youth vest designed for general riding. The four way twist moulded channel system gives a flexible, cooler fit. The Vest…