• Fleece Nose Hackamore

    Rp 760.000

    Chrome plated with fleece lined leather nosepiece and curb chain. This is a Blair's Pattern mechanical hackamore that operates on…

  • Business Card Holder

    Rp 315.000

    Perfect for displaying your Business Cards.

  • VAM

    VAM is a supplementary source of all of the essential nutritional factors required in large amounts by performance animals.

    Out of stock
  • Halter Heart FS

    Rp 250.000
  • Humidimix

    Electrolyte replacement for moderate to heavy sweaters and horses engaged in prolonged exercise.

  • Getting Your First Horse

    Rp 441.900

    This book answers hundreds of questions prospective horse owners have: What do I need to know to choose a horse?…




  • Lead Rope

    Rp 214.200

    Soft cotton rope lead in a range of solid colours to match nearly any stable colour scheme.

  • Fleck bats bamboo handle

    Rp 1.141.600

    The Fleck Bat with a Bamboo Handle is a working piece of art.  Historically, bats, crops and whips were made…

  • First Aid for Horses

    Rp 850.000

    First aid is the first and sometimes the most crucial step in caring for an injury.

  • Fetlock Boot Pro Zilco

    Rp 1.218.000

    Stylish protection for the hind legs. These boots have 6mm thick neoprene lining and a strong PU outer shell.