Rp 939.000

    Australian horseshoe nails.

  • Tiny Horse Box

    Rp 212.000
  • Hi Vite C

    HI-VITE C PASTE with BIOFLAVINOIDS is a supplement which provides a combination of high potency oral vitamin C and natural…

    Out of stock
  • Brooch 3 horse head w/ pearl gold

    Rp 404.000

    • Three gold horse heads with pearl feature. • Packaged in a mat silver tin box with horse design.

  • Braid Aid Plastic

    Rp 18.000

    Plastic braiding comb that helps divide the mane sections evenly for plaiting. It has two finger holes allow you to…

  • Key Rings Spur Style

    Rp 242.000

    • Fun key chains in a mix of Equestrian Designs. • With split ring to secure keys.  




  • Lungeing Whip 180cm

    Rp 236.000

    This is a two piece whip that can be disassembled, making it easy to transport and store when not in…

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  • The Behavior of Horses

    Rp 488.000

    The Behaviour of horses in relation to management and training is a unique and important work, being a fascinating mixture…

  • Stubben Hamanol Dressing

    Rp 160.000

    Leather care product developed in conjunction with our tanners. The patented paraffin emulsion nourishes without harming the leather's fibre structure.

    Out of stock
  • Fetlock Boot Pro Zilco

    Rp 1.277.000

    Stylish protection for the hind legs. These boots have 6mm thick neoprene lining and a strong PU outer shell.