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  • Imprint Training

    Rp 286.850

    Imprint training offers a singular opportunity to permanently mould a horse's personality.

  • Concise Guide to Medication & Supplements for the Horse

    Rp 426.400

    Concise guide to medication is part of series of books that provides in depth information about a variety of health…

  • Go the Distance

    Rp 550.300

    To spend hour after hour on the back of a horse is a dream come true for many riders.

  • Dressage a Guideline for Riders & Judges

    Rp 995.000

    This valuable contribution to competition dressage has been written by a leading FEI judge who is an eminent figure in…

  • Dressage Tips & Training Solutions

    Rp 810.000

    Three top German trainers join forces and provide a problem-solving training manual for dressage riders from novice to Grand Prix…

  • Practical Saddle Fitting

    Rp 995.000

    Equipping both horse and rider with the right saddle is one of the most crucial aspects of equestrian sport. The…

  • First Aid

    Rp 250.000

    Straightforward advice on how to cope with common ailments and injuries, when to call the vet and what to do…

  • First Aid for Horses

    Rp 850.000

    First aid is the first and sometimes the most crucial step in caring for an injury.

  • The Way to Perfect Horsemanship

    Rp 658.900

    First published in 1959, The Way to Perfect Horsemanship was immediately recognized as a classic work of equestrian literature.

  • Barrel Racing

    Rp 635.600

    Ed and Martha's new book, Barrel Racing - Training the Wright Way is now available.

  • At The Wire

    Rp 643.300

    Explores some of the sport's most exciting showdowns and singular moments.

  • Cross Train Your Horse

    Rp 589.050

    Jane Savoie shows how basic dressage techniques can be used to improve every horse's athleticism and performance, no matter what…