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  • The Classical Riding

    Rp 635.700

    The author believes that in order to be at one with a horse, riders should study his physiology and psychology…

  • Anatomy of Horse Chart

    Rp 465.100

    This second edition of Horse Anatomy: A Pictorial Approach to Equine Structure has been completely revised and enlarged.

  • Bringing Up Baby John Iyons

    Rp 585.000

    An outstanding manual for training weanlings and starting yearlings by “America's Most Trusted Horseman.”

  • Create Your Own Dream Horse Activity Pack

    Rp 135.000

    Six diffrent, beautifully drawn horses printed on quality card ready for you to cut out, colour and display.

  • Breeding to Weaning Book

    Rp 192.500

    Illustrated with diagrams and color photos this book provides valuable information on these topics; breeding and care of the mare,…

  • Your Horse Teeth

    Rp 318.450

    Don't look a gift horse in the mouth! He's getting rather long in the tooth! These sayings refer to the…

  • Book a bit of Information

    Rp 170.500

    Renowned Texas bitmaker Greg Darnall discusses bits and bitmaking.

  • Leading and Loading

    Rp 310.000

    Using the methods practised so successfully on her Intelligent Horsemanship courses, Kelly Marks helps the reader to overcome two of…

  • All About Bits and Bridle

    Rp 279.100

    Choosing the right bit and bridle is a vital part of creating a partnership with your horse.

  • Pony Puzzle Book

    Rp 310.000

    This is a bumper book of fun aimed at pony lovers of all ages, the pages are filled with quizzes,…

  • The Pony Hobby Book

    Rp 310.000

    acked with inventive ideas for young pony enthusiasts to make and decorate, with step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and cartoons.

  • Successfull Schooling

    Rp 1.116.200

    The author draws on her profound knowledge of anatomy and neurology to take a fresh look at the schooling problems…