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  • Pelham Rounding

    Rp 125.000

    Leather pelham roundings. The straps fasten to both curb and snaffle rings on the same side of the bit.

  • SS Heavy Twin Link Curb Chain

    Rp 224.800

    Stainless Steel curb chain with double interlocking links to lie flat against the horse's chin, making it less likely to…

  • Web Coupler

    Rp 110.000

    Clips to each side of a halter or anti-rearing bit and the lead attaches to the centre ring.

  • JP Sweet Iron Curved Thin Loose Ring Bit

    Rp 465.100

    The Sweet iron loose ring snaffle is a nice bit for horses with a fairly large tongue or small mouth,…

  • German Silver Thick Mouth Ring Snaffle

    Rp 558.000

    The Korsteel German Silver Loose Ring Snaffle is made of high quality German Silver and with the copper to also…

  • Thin Eggbutt Copper Mouth Stainless Steel with large flat Rings

    Rp 502.300

    Eggbutt snaffle with jointed copper mouthpiece. Copper is a good metal to use for the mouthpiece of horse bits as…

  • Zilco Loose Ring Eggbutt Snaffle Gold Hollow Mouth

    Rp 486.200

    Made from a special mix of 85% copper and quality metals which produces a bit with superior strength. Guaranteed nickel…

  • Eggbutt Heavy Thick Mouth

    Rp 697.000

    The thick mouthpiece has a more gentle action, but its extra weight offers more control for the rider. Stainless Steel.

  • Eggbutt Dressage

    Rp 375.000

    Stainless Steel Dressage Eggbutt bit. This bit can be used on its own as a snaffle, or with a fixed…

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  • Dr. Bristol Eggbutt

    Rp 558.100

    Dr. Bristol Eggbut Bit is a classic double jointed bit with an angled center link which applies a sharper pressure…

  • Tom Thumb Bit with ring in

    Rp 310.000

    Stainless steel loose ring Tom Thumb bit.  Assists with “steering”.

  • Eggbutt Gag Snaffle

    Rp 350.000

    • Also known as Cheltenham Gag. • Flat rings.

  • Full Ring Gag Snaffle

    Rp 445.000

    • Also known as 'Salisbury Gag'. • This bit is ideal for starting young horses.

  • Dressage eggbutt Bradoon with Tongue Control

    Rp 435.000

    Bradoon style eggbutt with tongue control plate.

  • Anti Rearing Bit Stainless Steel

    Rp 341.000

    Designed to prevent young horses from rearing while being led. Ideal for use at the race track. Stainless Steel.

  • Fleece Nose Hackamore

    Rp 760.000

    Chrome plated with fleece lined leather nosepiece and curb chain. This is a Blair's Pattern mechanical hackamore that operates on…

  • Jump Bit Pessoa Style

    Rp 525.000

    Also referred to as a "Dutch" Gag or "Continental" Gag. Popular in showjumping and eventing. The rein can be attached…

  • Eggbutt Snaffle

    Rp 245.000

    • With medium weight mouth. • Chrome plated steel.