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  • Cribbing strap

    Rp 350.000

    Cribbing collars may also be known as crib biting strap, anti-cribbing strap etc.

  • Oral doser

    Rp 280.000

    Features Precise dosage regulation.

  • Rubber Hole Stopper

    Rp 50.700

    Useful for keeping stud holes clean. Pack


    Rp 895.000

    Australian horseshoe nails.

  • SHS O’Dwyer Horseshoes

    Rp 205.000

    1022 mild steel concave makes them easier to shape cold. Features: size stamped on each shoe, forged heels, front and…

  • Mustad Basic Horse Shoes Hind

    Rp 200.000

    This allround shoe, often called a “flat shoe”, allows the farrier maximum flexibility in choice of modification or application of…

  • Mustad Basic Horse Shoes Front

    Rp 200.000

    This allround shoe, often called a “flat shoe”, allows the farrier maximum flexibility in choice of modification or application of…

  • Handle for Tanged Rasp Plastic

    Rp 105.700

    Plastic handle to suit most tanged rasps. Fits over the sharp end of the rasp and is designed to fit…

  • Farrier Canvas tool roll

    Rp 295.000

    Heavy duty canvas, fully bound. Seven pockets to accomodate a full range of farrier tools for storage when not in…

  • Buffalo Tanged Rasp

    Rp 380.000

    An economy model tanged rasp which produces a medium finish cut. Ideal for the beginner.

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  • Hoof Nipper

    Rp 790.000

    Used to cut off excess hoof wall when shoeing

  • Hickory Hammer 10 oz

    Rp 315.000

    Designed for driving nails when fitting horse shoes.

  • Hoof Knife Double Edge

    Rp 158.000

    Used to trim the frog and sole of the hoof

    Out of stock
  • Senior Farrier Kit

    Rp 2.700.000

    Farrier kit suitable for the home farrier or those learning the ropes

  • Stubben leather soap bottle

    Rp 126.800

    Liquid pH-neutral saddle soap, in a practical pump bottle. For cleaning nearly any type of leather. A leather care product…

  • Stubben Hamanol Dressing

    Rp 152.200

    Leather care product developed in conjunction with our tanners. The patented paraffin emulsion nourishes without harming the leather's fibre structure.

  • Oakwood Liquid saddle soap

    Rp 285.000

    Oakwood Liquid Saddle Soap gently removes dirt, grime, grease and other stains from your saddles, bridles and alll other saddlery gear.

  • Oakwood Leather Conditioner

    Rp 250.000

    Oakwood’s famous Leather Conditioner provides intense rehydration of saddlery gear, while softening leather and repelling water and stains for overall…

  • Equinade leather dressing

    Rp 126.800

    A 100% natural blend of premium ingredients, including bees wax and lanolin, for use on the finest leather.

  • Equinade Premium Neatsfoot oil

    Rp 269.000

    Natural preservative for leather articles. Repels, protects, restores. Unsurpassed for restoring water hardened leather to its original softness.

  • Lyddy Glycerine saddle soap

    Rp 265.000

    High glycerine content to soften, clean and nourish leather. Suitable for leather shoes, boots and saddles.

  • Grooming Kit Tray

    Rp 194.500

    Plastic tack or grooming tray  plastic tray with compartments handle and space for hoof picks or similar products.


    Rp 66.000

    Single blade horse razors. Sold in pack of 4.

  • Out of stock
  • Round Tail Brush

    Rp 47.400
  • Deluxe Mane brush

    Rp 93.000
  • Show Checkers

    Rp 93.000
  • Comb Pastel

    Rp 78.000
  • Plait Aid Rubber band

    Rp 16.900

    Rubber bands for braiding. Approximately 500 bands in a convenient press-stud closure bag.

  • Pulling Comb w/ hoof pick

    Rp 35.000

    Aluminium pulling comb with a hook on one end that can be used as a hoof pick.

    Out of stock
  • Pulling Comb Alumunium

    Rp 40.000

    Aluminium pulling comb for untidy manes.

  • Braid Aid Plastic

    Rp 16.900

    Plastic braiding comb that helps divide the mane sections evenly for plaiting. It has two finger holes allow you to…

  • English Body Brush Wooden Back

    Rp 427.100

    Large wooden backed body brush with soft synthetic bristles and webbing hand strap.

  • Dandy Brush

    Rp 143.000

    Large wooden backed body brush with stiff synthetic bristles.

  • Sponge Brush

    Rp 279.100

    This brush has a plastic back with synthetic bristle rim and a sponge centre. It also features a webbing hand…

  • Shedding Blade Stainless Steel

    Rp 165.000

    Stainless steel blade with teeth on one side and plastic handles. The ridged side is useful for removing loose hair…


    Rp 110.000

    Plastic kite frame sweat scraper with rubber blade to remove sweat and water.

  • Grooming Block

    Rp 63.000

    The easy way to remove loose hair, dust and dirt. Leaves the coat with a much glossier finish.

  • Dual Grooming Glove

    Rp 126.800

    Thumb holes allow the hand to fit easily inside. PVC bristles on one side and pimples on the reverse. Ideal…

  • Rubber Groomer Curry Comb

    Rp 105.600

    Round curry comb with rubber hand strap. Large rubber nipples for increased massage effect.

  • Plastic Sarvis Curry Comb

    Rp 82.000

    Small size sarvis curry designed to sit comfortably in small hands. The flexible bristles help to shift deep seated mud…

  • Rubber Curry Comb

    Rp 60.000

    Rubber curry comb helps loosen caked on mud and loosen shedding hair.

    Out of stock
  • Metal Curry Comb

    Rp 143.000

    Metal curry with leather hand strap for cleaning dust and hair from brushes.

  • Cury heart shaped gel pink

    Rp 59.900

    A semi-transparant gel curry comb in the shape of a heart. It includes a hand strap for ease of use.

  • Mustad Nails E4

    This nail is a multi-purpose nail and can be used for a variety of horses, shoes and sport disciplines. The…

  • Mustad Nails E3

    This nail is a multi-purpose nail and can be used for a variety of horses, shoes and sport disciplines. The…

  • Equinade Hoof Grease

    Made from 100% natural ingredients. May help to maintain correct moisture balance in hooves to naturally aid the prevention of…


    Rp 895.000

    Australian horseshoe nails.


    Rp 895.000

    Australian horseshoe nails.