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  • Hoof Nipper

    Rp 790.000

    Used to cut off excess hoof wall when shoeing

  • Hickory Hammer 10 oz

    Rp 315.000

    Designed for driving nails when fitting horse shoes.

  • Hoof Knife Double Edge

    Rp 158.000

    Used to trim the frog and sole of the hoof

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  • Senior Farrier Kit

    Rp 2.700.000

    Farrier kit suitable for the home farrier or those learning the ropes

  • Stubben leather soap bottle

    Rp 126.800

    Liquid pH-neutral saddle soap, in a practical pump bottle. For cleaning nearly any type of leather. A leather care product…

  • Stubben Hamanol Dressing

    Rp 152.200

    Leather care product developed in conjunction with our tanners. The patented paraffin emulsion nourishes without harming the leather's fibre structure.

  • Oakwood Liquid saddle soap

    Rp 285.000

    Oakwood Liquid Saddle Soap gently removes dirt, grime, grease and other stains from your saddles, bridles and alll other saddlery gear.

  • Oakwood Leather Conditioner

    Rp 250.000

    Oakwood’s famous Leather Conditioner provides intense rehydration of saddlery gear, while softening leather and repelling water and stains for overall…

  • Equinade leather dressing

    Rp 126.800

    A 100% natural blend of premium ingredients, including bees wax and lanolin, for use on the finest leather.

  • Equinade Premium Neatsfoot oil

    Rp 269.000

    Natural preservative for leather articles. Repels, protects, restores. Unsurpassed for restoring water hardened leather to its original softness.

  • Lyddy Glycerine saddle soap

    Rp 265.000

    High glycerine content to soften, clean and nourish leather. Suitable for leather shoes, boots and saddles.

  • Grooming Kit Tray

    Rp 194.500

    Plastic tack or grooming tray  plastic tray with compartments handle and space for hoof picks or similar products.