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  • Horse Eraser

    Rp 17.000
  • Close contact spurs

    Rp 472.000
  • POW spurs w/ rubber ball men

    Rp 462.000

    These stainless steel spurs are perfect for introducing spurs to a horse or for sensitive skinned and easily marked horses.

  • Successfull Schooling

    Rp 1.170.000

    The author draws on her profound knowledge of anatomy and neurology to take a fresh look at the schooling problems…


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Product Slider

  • The Classical Riding

    Rp 667.000

    The author believes that in order to be at one with a horse, riders should study his physiology and psychology…

  • PVC Long Rider Boots

    Rp 1.038.000
    Out of stock
  • Out of stock
  • Door Decoration

    Rp 244.000
  • Horse Paper Punch

    Rp 163.000

    Just the thing for scrapbooking or decorating.

    Out of stock
  • Book a bit of Information

    Rp 179.000

    Renowned Texas bitmaker Greg Darnall discusses bits and bitmaking.


    Rp 116.000

    Plastic kite frame sweat scraper with rubber blade to remove sweat and water.

  • Jockeys Red

    Rp 682.000
    Out of stock
  • Gold Spur Key Ring

    Rp 101.000

    • Fun key chains in a mix of Equestrian Designs. • With split ring to secure keys.

  • Horse Head & Shoe Door Knocker

    Rp 299.000

    Elegant brass finish door knocker.

    Out of stock
  • S/Steel Spurs Sprenger

    Rp 682.000

    Developed in cooperation with Klaus Balkenhol. A spur that fits perfectly on your riding boot.

  • Pimple Grip Gloves

    Rp 95.000

    pimple palm-grip cotton gloves.

    Out of stock
  • Door Mat Horse and Welcome

    Rp 427.000

    • Brightly coloured coir mats in a choice of great designs to suit any horse household. • Size 75cm x…

  • Pretied Stock Tie

    Rp 138.000
  • Derby Trailer

    Rp 367.000


Product Tabs

Must Have

  • Huntington Gloss Helmet

    Rp 1.520.000

    Huntington Equestrian pride themselves on delivering products built for sport.

    Out of stock
  • Horse in Shoe Magnet

    Rp 142.000

    Two magnets: One a hold-the-note style, the other a photo-in-frame style. • 20cm x 15cm.  

  • Horse Head Belt Buckle

    Rp 341.000

    Genuine solid pewter buckle suitable for Stockmaster belts.

    Out of stock
  • Pony Puzzle Book

    Rp 325.000

    This is a bumper book of fun aimed at pony lovers of all ages, the pages are filled with quizzes,…

  • Mitavite Turbo

    Mitavite® Turbo™ is a hybrid racing feed, combining selected premium graded oats with the technology of steam extrusion and micronization…

  • Door Decoration

    Rp 244.000
  • Out of stock
  • Black Velvet with Check Ribbon

    Rp 215.000

    Perfect for keeping hair tidy in the Show Ring.

  • JODZ Chaps Suede

    Rp 682.000

    Fully washable synthetic suede. The elasticated calf panel provides a closer fit and assists with airflow.


    Mitavite® Economix Active® has been tried and trusted over many years.  It provides safe, cost effective nutrition for competition and…

Best Sellers

  • German Silver Thick Mouth Ring Snaffle

    Rp 585.000

    The Korsteel German Silver Loose Ring Snaffle is made of high quality German Silver and with the copper to also…

  • Fleece Nose Hackamore

    Rp 797.000

    Chrome plated with fleece lined leather nosepiece and curb chain. This is a Blair's Pattern mechanical hackamore that operates on…

  • Mini Rider

    Rp 122.000
  • VAM

    VAM is a supplementary source of all of the essential nutritional factors required in large amounts by performance animals.

    Out of stock
  • Balkenhol spurs Sprenger smooth rowel

    Rp 855.000

    High quality spurs made of stainless steel and guaranteed against breakage. With an elegant and fine fastening developed in cooperation…

    Out of stock
  • Bracelet Large Stirup Links Hawthorne

    Rp 498.000

    • Hawthorne offers a range of beautiful accessories for riders of many disciplines. • Individually packaged in a green velvet…

  • Jockey Whip Key Ring

    Rp 132.000

    • Carry the action of the track with you with these fun coloured keyrings.

  • Jockeys Red

    Rp 682.000
    Out of stock
  • Professional mane braiding kit

    Rp 252.000

    The Professional Mane Braiding Kit is the perfect tool for Showies or competitors in any of the Equestrian Displines. No…

  • First Aid for Horses

    Rp 891.000

    First aid is the first and sometimes the most crucial step in caring for an injury.


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