How if we can’t find what we are looking for?

Please contact our store on phone number: +62 22 4207143 or fax your questions to +62 22 200 8838 by provide your contact details for us to come back to you as soon as possible . You may also contact us through marketing . We will provide the information of the goods that you are looking for or if those goods are not available, we will suggest the substitute for you to choose from.

How does this semi on-line shopping work?

a. Choose the items that you want to buy by clicking into the cart boxes, and then the system will put them in the final shopping cart.
b. When finished shopping, you must fill the information required for us to send you an invoice by fax or email only.
c. Please pay the amount stated in the invoice by bank transfer only. Do not send cash. Personal cheques are not acceptable.
d. when we have received the payment, we will dispatch your orders immediately.

What is an automatic cancellation?

The automatic cancellations will apply when:
a. No payment received by 7 days from the invoice date.
b. Your contact details are not valid.