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  • Neutrolene plus

    Rp 928.000
    Out of stock
  • Racing oil

    Rp 608.000
    Out of stock
  • Aminovite Plus

    Rp 996.000

    Multi-vitamin supplement and coat conditioner with added trace elements.


    Rp 367.000

    The iodised salt lick contains all of these substances and contributes to an increase in the horse's well-being. The iodised…

  • Equimax LV

    Rp 326.000

    Kills all susceptible internal parasites including all 3 species of tapeworms, all 3 species of bots and BZ resistant worms. Presented in an…

  • Equimax

    Rp 278.000

    Broad-spectrum horse worming paste that is up to 100% effective in treating all major parasites in horses.Kills all susceptible internal parasites including all…

  • Hoof Growth Formula

    From: Rp 530.000

    Hoof Growth Formula Pellets are supplied in an 7.5kg bucket. A regular maintenance dose is 1 scoop (50gms) per day…

  • Hoof Food

    Rp 5.974.000

    Hoof growth promoter and strengthener.

  • Folactin Red

    Rp 1.871.000

    Supplement for bone strength and development.

  • Folactin Blue

    Rp 1.777.000

    Supplement for bone strength and development.

  • Megavite B

    Rp 1.064.000

    MEGAVITE-B® provides a concentrated source of 9 B-Complex vitamins and 3 amino acids

  • Hi Vite C

    HI-VITE C PASTE with BIOFLAVINOIDS is a supplement which provides a combination of high potency oral vitamin C and natural…

    Out of stock