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  • Neutrolene plus

    Rp 928.000
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  • Racing oil

    Rp 608.000
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  • Aminovite Plus

    Rp 996.000

    Multi-vitamin supplement and coat conditioner with added trace elements.

  • Megavite B

    Rp 1.064.000

    MEGAVITE-B® provides a concentrated source of 9 B-Complex vitamins and 3 amino acids

  • Hi Vite C

    HI-VITE C PASTE with BIOFLAVINOIDS is a supplement which provides a combination of high potency oral vitamin C and natural…

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    COPHOS B is a muscle buffer and muscle energy support supplement for horses in hard work.

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  • VAM

    VAM is a supplementary source of all of the essential nutritional factors required in large amounts by performance animals.

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