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  • Hoof wedges BAR

    Rp 116.000

    Based in Leominster, MA; Castle Plastics offers the best quality hoofcare plastics in the world, made 100% in the USA.

  • Mustad shoe puller

    Rp 1.022.000

    A shoe puller needs to be well-balanced, best with comfort grip suitable for the majority of horseshoes.

    Out of stock
  • Rubber Hole Stopper

    Rp 54.000

    Useful for keeping stud holes clean. Pack

  • Tanged rasp smithy

    Rp 695.000

    An economy model tanged rasp which produces a medium finish cut. Ideal for the beginner. 14" (35cm)

  • Handle for Tanged Rasp Plastic

    Rp 111.000

    Plastic handle to suit most tanged rasps. Fits over the sharp end of the rasp and is designed to fit…

  • Farrier Canvas tool roll

    Rp 310.000

    Heavy duty canvas, fully bound. Seven pockets to accomodate a full range of farrier tools for storage when not in…

  • Hoof Nipper

    Rp 828.000

    Used to cut off excess hoof wall when shoeing

  • Hickory Hammer 10 oz

    Rp 331.000

    Designed for driving nails when fitting horse shoes.

    Out of stock
  • Hoof Knife Double Edge

    Rp 166.000

    Used to trim the frog and sole of the hoof

    Out of stock
  • Senior Farrier Kit

    Rp 2.830.000

    Farrier kit suitable for the home farrier or those learning the ropes

    Out of stock